Fluid conversion was made easy and safe for cars

Fluid conversion was made easy and safe for cars

Okay I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical the first time I came across hydrogen car conversion but because of the plague of rising gas prices I knew I had to do something drastically. I decided to give it a serious different look since other conversions had never worked for me before. I started studying the mechanism in its work because Im a science buff. What astonishing was it was actually logical and made a lot of sense. I also shot the site to a few friends who are physicists and they confirmed that this conversion technique had all reason to be effective. They actually got the hand of the actual conversion manual before me and seemed to be much more excited than I was.

The name is a little misleading because it speaks that you drive your car on water and use water for gas. But heres the real scoop and how it works. You do not store any hydrogen in your car truck somewhere which is good. Compressed hydrogen is very explosive and dangerous. Instead you actually produce hydrogen on demand by creating a simple conversion system that most can create within 4 hours. If you choose to hire a mechanic he she can easily finish it within one hour. Not so bad for years and years with gas price savings.

This technique simply works by using a small current from your cars electrical device. From there it is fed to a container containing a solution of water and a touch of soda. Using the current electrical current the water atoms in HHO gas AKA Browns Gas are divided. This is actually very safe stable and purely burning type of gas.

Thereafter the mixture is controlled to your car combustion system which culminates in a super efficient combination of air fuel and HHO gas. This particular combination burns much cleaner and more efficiently than your conventional mix. The final product is a significant increase in your miles per gallon MPG. I think everyone would enjoy this result.

Now is a valid question that Ive heard many people ask Would it harm my vehicle? I can say with absolute certainty not least. This super blend in reality burns cooler and cleaner. It will believe it or not extend the life and stamina of your car. Another important common question is. Will it make my warranty empty? No. What many people are unaware of is that the fluid conversion is 100% reversible. It is good to note that all reversible processes can not cancel your warranty. Some people are also curious about how much water it requires. The truth is that it really does not require much at all. A 16oz glass of water will be two to three weeks.

If it expires your system will not be interrupted. Make sure youre full but if you want to experience some incredible MPG wins. What does it cost an arm and a leg? Hahah no. Its very cheap. You can make the total conversion for less than 100. This should be considered an investment that will pay itself over and over again. Image buy gasoline at half price. How fast do you think it will put up?

Fluid conversion is very easy to do and super efficient in this regard. Your car truck will be a gas-saving power plant. It will also be better charged to the environment by reducing the toxic emissions emitted by conventional fuel systems. Another really cool thing is that you can actually claim this as a tax reduction as an alternative energy vehicle. If you own a business you will definitely be able to appreciate this perk. The switch to a hydrogen-transformed vehicle to me was a no-brainer because I wanted to save a lot of money on gas every month. I was simply sick to be bent over by Big Oil and getting poorer in the minute. Now I feel I have a lot of freedom back and it feels good for a change.

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